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How Invest4Justice Litigation Crowdfunding Works


Invest4Justice is the leading litigation crowdfunding website in the world. It is entirely free and open to litigants and potential funders globally.

It enables the crowdfunding of legal disputes by an unlimited number of individuals in return for success fees (also known as contingency fees), often offering returns of 500% or more.

Pledges can be made with the click of a button, without entering any financial details.

Our lawyers will draw up a multi-party litigation funding agreement once 100% is pledged to ensure that both litigants’ and funders’ rights are protected and that the win-win transaction is legally valid and binding. No funds change hands until the multi-party litigation funding agreement has been signed.

Litigants gain access to justice at no cost, while individuals throughout the world can make unheard of returns. There is no catch and Invest4Justice receives no returns for this service, which is entirely free. 

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